Feminism: Hot Patootie! Bless My Soul!

Hot Patootie! Bless My Soul! <I have dubbed this the “Lorde” hair…

Back in October 2013 during the annual Irvington Halloween Festival I went to go see an audience participation showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with my dad. (I am aware now what I was getting myself into but at the time neither me or my dad knew what we were about to witness…*shudders*..) Anywhoser, I have had the soundtrack to that movie stuck in my head ever since and much like The Big Lebowski or Pulp Fiction there is always an applicable line from that to enhance almost any conversation. Tim Curry, you are my hero..

Ok to the real reason why I’m actually posting…

Since I have reached about the 6 month mark since I started growing out my pixie cut which was oh so adorbs.. I have decided to work on allowing my hair to go “natural”. I have wavy, loose curls that look great when they have 50 layers of mousses and creams on them but when they dry naturally they look flat in places and just frustrate the crap out of me. I usually get discouraged and start blow drying my hair straight because I think it “looks prettier”. I wanted to talk about natural hair and beauty privilege tonight…

I was introduced to this concept of “natural” hair by some women I went to church with in 2012. I never realized there were so many differences between “white” hair and “black” hair. (Someone correct me if I’m not using this in the correct context or manner..) I was amazed by the differences and started watching documentaries and reading articles. I started to realize the similarities in care management of my curls. My hair wicks moisture and I need to start doing a deep condition maybe even once a week until I can restore my hair to her former glory. I have been blowing out my hair daily for the last week or two to attempt to appease the hair gods and hope for the best. I realize that using high heat and blow drying my hair is so bad for it but darn this awkward length! I have vowed to try and embrace my natural curls and instead of fighting them to embrace them and just “go with the twirl” (womp womp).

Anyway, I am accepting that in this process of cultivating the curl that I will appear as more unattractive than I’m used to. As an active member of the Body Acceptance movement I like to not focus too much on physical beauty to society’s standards. I am doing the #365feministselfie on instagram (@seethedancingllama) you are supposed to take a picture of you even if you’re not necessarily “looking on point” that day. It has been pretty eye opening that I don’t want to take a selfie on days that I haven’t brushed my hair or put lipstick on. Empowering.. really.

Beautiful women are at a privilege. When you walk out of the house and you have your hair done, your nails painted, your lipstick on, and your eye liner is on point it is like you are completely unstoppable. I know I have felt that way before in the past. I know that the cute barista will smile at you and offer to comp your drink, the cop will let you off with a warning, and you’re more likely to get treated with respect. I’m so royally frustrated by this. Why am I treated differently when I leave the house and I’m not “put together”. I am slowly doing my part in realizing that treating people like people, look them in the eye when you walk past and smile at a stranger that each one of us has this amazing beauty with in us. All of us. We are all amazing.

Peace, love, and parachutes!


About seethedancingllama

I'm a hodge podge! Single mama, organic gardener, naturopathic trainee, future doula, feminist, cook, and musician. This is my little corner of the world.
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