Trials and Tribulation of Growing Out a Pixie


In February 2013 I was a budding little new feminist. I think many in my situation are so full of wonder and shock when they finally realize how upset the social equilibrium is. In my delirium I decided to raise my four inch middle finger to the world and bravely chopped my hair off. I was so edgy, masculine, and



Everyone seemed to like it but as time went on I didn’t like it anymore. I was sort of “dating” a “man” at the time and he was pretty persuasive that I keep my hair short even though I didn’t like it. Eventually things between the man and I dissolved and I have been growing my hair back out.

I have been using a vitamin called biotin. I have only been using it for two weeks but I have already seen progress. Although thorough “scientific” studies have not been conducted to see the validity of the claim that taking a biotin supplement can encourage hair growth there are plenty of civil experiments that have proven the use to be beneficial.

I have about 7-8 months left of hair growing to do but I think I will have it back where I want it in no time.

Peace, love, and parachutes!


About seethedancingllama

I'm a hodge podge! Single mama, organic gardener, naturopathic trainee, future doula, feminist, cook, and musician. This is my little corner of the world.
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